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Johan von Konow

You can definitely see the difference, it looks much better after adjusting the nozzle/ build plate height. If the print is a bit squeezed you can still use it by forcing the wire or widening the guides with your nail. The guide should be quite narrow in order to keep the wire in place (especially for the longer straight tracks).

Widening the model to compensate for a misconfigured printer is probably a bad idea, but if you want to use a wider wire you can do it by simply cut away a section of the backside. Since the wire guides are diamond shaped, each 0.1mm you take away will widen the opening 0.2mm.

This can either be done on the printed part by using a sandpaper (preferably wet sand on a flat surface). Ensure that you don’t tilt the part by comparing the openings on each corner.

It is quite easy to adjust the 3D model and trim off 0.1 or 0.2mm with a boolean difference operation by subtracting a solid block.