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      Johan von Konow

      I have done the following sketch for a raspberry pi based synth engine:
      My idea was to use the OLED and navigation buttons to control how the the pi-zero maps different sounds to different channels. Probably using a selection of these engines:
      It might be a good idea to add some encoders / potentiometers for sound control (aware that pi zero doesnt have A/D). Considered a pwm audio out, but think it is better to use USB soundcard (less complexity, better quality).

      I think the Zyntian project is awesome, but rather complex and expensive. Here is a list of the engines they are using (most of them open source).

      I can design the module above, but appreciate all help on the Linux side!

      Let me know if you can help development!

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      Have a look at Sunvox. Wicked flexible and well supported. Would probably require a larger/full-color screen but a Pi-based module with Sunvox DAW would be a great capstone for the Leet Synth modules.

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      Johan von Konow

      I love sunvox since it is free and powerful. The only thing that I can complain about is that I have to redo midi config every time I reprogram a device (which has been quite a few times during development ;)

      A 7″ touchscreen in an angled stand would probably look just as cool as the LED sequencer that I built…

      This project is probably useful if you want to run sunvox with a custom OLED and interface (a Python wrapper for the SunVox DLL):
      (super eager to check it out, but need to finish documenting current project first…)

      And here is another way to make rasPiZ headless with sunvox:

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      Nice idea! I have some Raspberry Pi Zero W lying around doing nothing.

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      Johan von Konow

      I have made a first version of a raspberry pi based sound engine. The OLED and keys are working and I found a python-based menu system that allows navigation, configuration and execution of various commands.

      I think it would work great with software synthesizers as:

      ·        ZynAddSubFX

      ·        Sunvox

      ·        Fluidsynth

      ·        Samplerbox

      ·        etc

      The UI can either use 4 or 6 keys for navigation and there are 4 or 6 keys left for selection of presents.

      If anyone wants to help with development and integration, let me know.

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