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      Hi Johan, thanks for this amazing project, and greetings from Austria! I already built 2 Keyboards, 1 Chords and the Sequencer so far, including the stands. I am using this set together with a home-made USB-DIN-Midiconverter to control a couple of Shruthi Synthesizers.

      Unfortunately, the sequencer I built is loosing ALL song information when changing from one pattern to the next in playing mode. It plays the first pattern perfectly, but goes fully blank shortly before hitting the end of the pattern. If I stop the song before and scroll to the next pattern manually the transition to the next pattern is working. I can start and stop any time and play around, so all is good, as long as I don’t get near the end of a pattern in play mode. I assume this has to do with the handling of file ‘led.txt’. All other functions seem to work nicely. When I restart the sequencer the full song is displayed correctly again. Any advice on that issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Andreas

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