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      Thanks for the great project. I built the keyboard module, but I’m having trouble getting it up and running. When I plug it into my Windows PC, it looks like it attempts the startup animation, but then the right most led in the bottom strip stays on bright white. What does this mean and how do I troubleshoot it?

      When I took a peek at the program, I noticed there appears to be a debug mode that is currently set to false. Can you provide a little tutorial on debugging?


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      Johan von Konow

      Hmm, weird. Does any of the other LEDs show the start-up animation?

      1.      Do you have the right version of the pro micro (5V 16MHz)?

      2.      Doublecheck the orientation of the led strips. (the Data IN should be connected to the Arduino).

      3.      Set debug to true, recompile and upload. Open a terminal (@115200 baud) and check if you see debug info when pressing keys.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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