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Greetings!!  Can you check the upload for the LEET Pad?  The STL zip has an STP file in it I believe…  That model is smaller so I can print it on a mini 3D printer I have, I thought I would try that out…

I have been printing these on an Ender3&5 in PLA.  60mm speed.  I usually print at 80mm, but slowed it down for these.  I really think the slicer gets confused on these for me, It seems like every slice produces a different print starting point and sequence.  I need to tweak my settings, I feel I have unnecessary travel going around things while printing as well.

I have the newest keyboard printing now…  So far it looks okay, but can you see that some of the bridges only printed on the first layer or 2 then stop.  Not sure if this is the slicer or model.  Later in the print those bridges will be resumed but with a gap so breaks off easily.

Keyboard Printing…

Is anyone else having these issues printing?  Anyone share any successful makes yet?