Build and program your own portable gaming device. Games are written in python and components are less than $10.

LED tiles

Decorate your home with colorful, modular and affordable LED tiles. Fully 3D printable, easy to build and everything is Open Source.

LEET modular – a multifunctional Eurorack module

LEET modular is versatile, easy to build, affordable and powerful. It is a multifunctional module that offers a variety of different functions and by patching several units, advanced sounds and music can be generated.  It’s entirely open source and hacking is encouraged.

3DPCB Wi-Fi Ducky

This is a 3D printed Wi-Fi version of the well-known USB Rubber Ducky hacking device (featured in Mr Robot).
Inject keystrokes, set up a reverse shell, or install a payload to dump passwords, all from a distance.

LEET Synthesizer

LEET is a stunning, modular & affordable ($6) MIDI synth for your favorite DAW.
I have designed a keyboard, drum pad, chord keyboard, arpeggiator and a step sequencer all with RGB LEDs for playback visualization.
They are easy to build and anyone with a 3D printer and basic soldering skills should be able to replicate them. Everything is open source and hacking is encouraged!

LEET Linux

Linux based sound synthesis for LEET modules (or any other MIDI keyboard). Various sound engines can be loaded for high quality synthesizer sounds.

LEET Control8

The LEET Control8 is a miniature MIDI accessory suitable for controlling up to eight analog settings in your DAW, like; volume, oscillators, envelope or filters. It is low cost, easy to build and compact in size.

LEET Sequencer

The LEET Sequencer is a miniature 16-step MIDI sequencer with 8 channels. It is low cost, easy to build and compact in size. It has full color LED blinkenlights for playback and record visualization.

LEET Arpeggiator

The LEET Arpeggiator is a proof of concept of a miniature MIDI arpeggiator using the same hardware as LEET Control. It is low cost, easy to build and compact in size.