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Johan von Konow

I just uploaded a 3D model suitable for calibrating your fff/fdm 3DPrinter without having to spend time and filament on a bigger LEET model:

Print the stl file with standard settings:
• Material: PLA
• Nozzle temperature: 210deg C
• Nozzle opening diameter: 0.4mm
• Layer height: 0.2mm
• Infill: 20%
• Support: None

The backside should be smooth with openings for the wire paths.
1. Measure the thickness of the upper wall with a caliper. Adjust flow and reprint until the wall thickness is 1mm.
2. If wire paths are closed on the bottom increase first layer height (z nozzle distance).
3. Once the wire channels looks ok, test inserting a 6x6mm tact switch to see how it fits.

Good luck!