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Yes, I will test that print out today! Thanks for taking the time to adjust it. I managed to get one to print on a raft but it has other small issues from the air-gap layer, some little blobs, so not ideal.

Any chance you have an amazon link to some wire? I’ve been checking all my scrap wire, not finding any .3mm strands. I’m sure I’ll find something. :)

I am debating on designing a variation (not sure I have the patience for your superior 3DPCB routing) so I can use a dozen or so Arduino Uno/Leonardos I have from a previous project. I went ahead and ordered a few of the Arduinos you listed so I can try to build it as intended first though. These Unos have the pin out, just not sure if they are too large to try make a revision to the 3DPCB or just go ahead and make more of a case style version mount it inside.

Arduino Uno/Leonardo