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So, I saw you posted more boards so I decided to print the smaller one… I still have issues with all the small unattached sections. The slicer is confused on the first layer for sure.. I am re-printing the revised keyboard you sent me now, it failed yesterday but was a layer shift and not the same issue.

When I look at Cura layer by layer, I can see the spots that start on layer 4 so they never get anchored to the build plate. I’m determined to get these!!

Here are the pics of the smaller board for you to see. The underside shows where those little sections came unattached and were deposited elsewhere. Maybe I can run\view your GCODE file, I know it was likely on your Prusa but should run on my DIY or Ender3 or Ender 5 I’d think.

Print Examples @ Imgur

I’m sure support is not what you were looking for when you created this project, all of your help is appreciated.