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Johan von Konow


I’m glad that the new models seem to be working better. And I think that you last photo looks great. Since some of the bridges contains wire channels that expands (diamond cross section), I’m not surprised that the slicer ignores them until they get thicker. The design is a compromise between number of wires, distance to components, guidance modelling effort and 3d printability.  I could simply remove the thin supports, but then the wires would have less guiding and there would be more bridging since the switch opening will be bigger. Since it is on the backside, I don’t think it is critical if the printout has minor defects. There are still areas that could be improved, but right now I will prioritize to release the remaining devices (arpeggiator and sequencer).


Example of detail that can be improved, but hopefully won’t cause major issue.


I have corrected the pad stl. Thanks for noticing.

BTW, I have also added the possibility to upload images directly in the forum making it easier to share photos.