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Hello.  Hope you had a good weekend!  My prints are getting better…  This little project has really helped me learn how to tune print settings…  The last photo I sent looked okay but when it was complete the bottom was mostly solid.  I guess I have more “elephant” footing than I ever thought.  I printed the first layer of the LEET Pad a dozen times tuning my Z as well as initial layer flow and initial layer line width.  I now have a custom LEET print Cura profile!  LOL.  I think I can finally use the wire channels on my latest print, it has about an hour to go…

Did you come up with the 3DPCB concept?  Just curious if there are any design tools to help layout a board or if it is a manual design process?

Thanks again for taking your time to assist.  I hope I can contribute in some way in the future.  My background is more in programming than electronics.