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      Chunky Knobs

      Hi Johan,

      Excellent idea and implementation! And very motivational.

      I built the LEET Chord module on breadboard to have an initial play (although I have also 3D printed the housing). I thought I might add a few features.

      A couple of things I noted while using the unit:

      1. The notes played from the fourth note onward, are not traditional notes of the standard chord; they add in the 7th then the 9th then 11th etc., giving an unsual, perhaps dissonant sound. E.g in a 5 note C Major, LEET Chord is playing C E G B D, whereas you’d expect C E G C E.
      2. If there is an overlap while you change the chord you’re playing, notes in the new chord can get turned off. Moreover, if you change the chord size or octave etc. while playing a note, you can get left with notes “on” when you stop playing the chord.

      I’ve made changes to the code to address all these issues. If you’re interested I can email it to you or create a dropbox account to put it in etc.


      Chunky Knobs.


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      Johan von Konow


      Great work. Music theory is definitely not an easy subject. It was a while ago, but if I’m not mistaken, I used a formula for natural scales and major/minor chords, (not harmonic, diminished or dominant, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was also an error in my implementation somewhere ;)

      I think that CEGBD is the correct order for a major ninth:


      What scale and chord do you prefer?


      It is great if you have improved the code. I propose that you add a pull request in github so anyone can use your solution and compare the changes!

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