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      Hi Johan,

      I really like the stuff you are doing providing the LEET Synth and I am totally going to build some of the components in the future! ;)
      However, I figured out it may be a nice feature to add a resistor between the Data Pin and the DIN of the LED Strip, as this smoothens the signal a lot and will definetly extend the LED lifetime. Someone already pointed that out in a forum, although everyone seems to have a different opinion on that topic:

      Here is a little image showing the effect (I copied this one from the forum mentioned above):

      Adding a resistor (Source:

      Do you think, it may be a nice feature to have an opportunity to add a resistor (even if the wire isnt really long)?

      Maybe it could also be a “nice design-feature” looking fancy if it is exposed near the ardunio board or something like that.

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      Johan von Konow

      It definitely won’t cause any harm, but I haven’t seen any problem without it. For the LEET project I have strived to keep component count to a minimum, making it easier to buy, build and debug so I removed some best practices that I probably would have considered in a commercial product, like impedance matching resistor or a larger decoupling capacitor for the LED strip.

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