I was planning do samething comperable.

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      Hi, I was planning to do something comperable based on perfboards and arduino or teensy.

      are there plans to go to 3.3 Volts? I have already found some tricks to do so. To trigger the first LED, lower the Power from 5 Volts to 4.3 for the !first! LED via a simple diode. The second LED should get 5 Volts and in my testing, it seems that this works perfect with 3.3 Volt-Arduinos and 5Volt- LEDs.

      While Corona, I repaired my old simple 16Step Drum-Sequencer where i used 3 pcf8574, 2 pcf-chips to drive the Buttons and LEDs and the third to drive a LCD. https://youtu.be/Tr9Y971fDvM  as these chips are available as modules it could be easy to build it as a LEET-Module.

      I had planned to use ESP32 or ESP8266 Modules as a Synth but did not have enough time to testing. That way, – with a ESP8266 You could power it with 3 AAA-Bats and go mobile.

      I am using Samplerbox on a raspi 3 and it seems that there is only one person on active development. https://homspace.nl/samplerbox/ – that version seems to work with raspi 3 but not with zero.

      As I am using real midi gear with DIN-Connectors, a small converter from “TTL-Midi” to “Old Midi” would be great but it seems there are no standard-mini-boards available to fit into the LEET-Concept.

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      Johan von Konow


      Nice projects, love the sequencer.

      Your ideas for 3.3v should work, but if you use a level shifter  there is no need to sacrifice one LED.

      I have experimented with an ESP32 as synth using mozzi, and a I2S DAC for sound out, but I also like the idea of wirelessly delivering Bluetooth audio to BLE speakers. Maybe one day…

      If I’m not misunderstanding you a TTL 2 DIN midi is just a few components, (diode, resistor & optocoupler) and should be easy to add. LEET is built with MIDI over USB, but the devices should be easy to tweak if you want to add MIDI in or out.

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