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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I like the setup. But fir my need i need like the LEET Pad but with 1 row of RGB Leds and 3 lines of buttons</p>
      not to make music but to control brotcasting software. That can be controlled via midi.

      like OBS or VMix.

      The size of the Leet Synthesizer is good. With 3 additiional buttons oon the right of the arduino micro. For custom assignment.

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      Johan von Konow

      That’s a great idea! (and probably not too difficult)
      So, you mean 1 row with 4 LEDS and then 3 rows with 4 push buttons each below (and keep the tree buttons on the right)?
      Will the LEDs be used by the broadcasting software?





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      Why not upgrade your 3DPCB-Keyboard project with LEDs and all?

      3DPCB Keyboard

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      I’ve replied sbout 8 times. And every time it is not posted.

      so I will write my part in phases.

      Hi Johan, Thanks for looking at my suggestion. I will build your version first. And see if it functions to what I want. To the right of the Micro, I wan to put a 45mm slider restistor.


      here some links to what it should do:

      vmix controller 8 Cameras & Tally Lights DIY


      @slykr, the design is not working. And it is lacking led responses


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      I have not looked at the 3DPCB-Keyboard until you mentioned it.

      The setup is correct. but the layout not.

      I will start with the 2 row of buttons first. to see if I can see the full potential. the  buttons on the right (of the Micro) I will try to replace a slide resistor as a t-bar. Or rotate the Micro to put a 45mm slider blow it.

      I have almost all components available except for the RGB led strip. I’m not sure what would be the best next step. go with the design you made. or take it as a baseline. and use a higher density of RGB leds and put more buttons next to each other. with a 2 button row.

      link to the functionality:

      Here are a few links of controllers that people made. But your design is sleek and simple.

      Vmix Controller 5 Inputs using Arduino NANO CH340

      vMix ETHERNET / LAN Controller

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      thanks Slydr, I have not looked in detail for the 3DPCB Keyboard before you mentioned it.

      There are a few downsides to it.

      1. the layout is not good
      2. it does not have leds to provide a feedback.

      I think I ‘m first going to make a mokeup of what I need (in layout)

      There are multiple projects that are building this. but all lack the simplicity.

      Mix-iT vMix Controller

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      Hi Johan,

      Thank you for looking at my suggestion.

      let me first build 1 you have designed. I’m waiting for the led strip. The version I have is waterproof..

      I want to see if I can use the 2 row version with 2 light strips, but I might look for a higher density of buttons and leds,

      on the right of the pro micro I want to put a 45mm slide resistor. Or rotate the Micro 90 degrees and put the slider below it.

      there are more people that build a controller, but non of them are as sleek as your design, small and functional.


      here are a few links to examples:

      @slyder, I had not looked at that design for a few reasons. Wrong layout, no led indicators


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      Johan von Konow

      For some reason your replies got caught as spam (sry for that).

      Do you know how the LEDs are controlled in the vmix? Are they set by MIDI signals, or coded so the last one on each row is on?

      How many buttons do you want? I have sketched on a larger pad with 14 LEDs and switches… The LED rows are grouped, but it should not be too hard to swap a LED and button row.

      The sliders are quite bulky, I have some ideas for 3D printing a smaller slider using the same trimpot…


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      Johan von Konow


      Instead of using a slider I thought it would be cool with a miniature lever. Check out these images:
      lever rendering

      It should be quite easy to integrate in any design…


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