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      I recently built two pads… the keyboard I made worked right away. The pads I have checked everything over twice and it is wired correctly. The only thing that is out of the normal is that the Pro Micro boards I received are showing up as a leonardo bootloader. I am new the arduino world so I am not sure if that matters or not… I tried flashing it multiple ways and get no lights on the LEDs. I just get the Arduino to power with a constant red light and one flash buy pin 7… not sure what I am missing :( It was some of my best solder work haha so I would had to junk the thing…

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      Johan von Konow

      Strange. I just downloaded the code and it works as expected.

      Here are some questions that helps narrow down the source of error:

      1. Were you able to upload the program (double check that you use the right version)
      2. Do you see the LED animation at start?
      3. Does the right red led flash when you press any of the eight pad keys?

      The leonardo boot-loader should not cause any problem.


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      I appreciate the response. And I apologize for anything stupid that I may have messed up. I am a total beginner and was excited to have the  keyboard working and wanted to make them all to learn.

      1. I was able to upload just fine. History: 2020-11-03 that was the script I pushed with no errors.

      2.  No LED animation at startup. no flashes at all.

      1. Nothing happens when I press any buttons. This is on both pads that I have made. i just get a red light on the board and a single flash near pin 7

      Hopefully, this give you the information to narrow down what I have done wrong. Glad to hear the leonard boot loader is fine because I have 4 of these boards :)



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      Johan von Konow

      Then I would focus on the lower LED-strip.

      1. Check that it is oriented correctly (signal in / DI to the right and GND on the bottom.
      2. Measure connection between DI on the LED-strip pad  and pin2 on the arduino. (using continuity tester on a voltmeter)
      3. Measure connection between +5v on the LED-strip and VCCon the arduino
      4. Measure connection between GND on the LED-strip and GND on the arduino

      You can also connect it to a computer with a DAW software running (handling the midi events), then the tx led should flash for every key press. (Verify this behaviour first using the working midi keyboard)

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