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      Like some of us, I still don’t have a 3D printer, but I do have KiCAD and a spare evening!


      I should have my boards by the end of the week. I’ll follow up with a build guide.

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      Johan von Konow

      Awesome (a bit jealous about the pitch and double sided routing that comes with a real PCB ;)

      Nice bonus to have the option to chose between separate LEDs and LED-strips! (but the LED strip seems to be missing data in & out – in)

      I guess you are using a ground-plane for switches and decoupling caps (not visible in the picture).

      Looking forward to see the build!

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      Yep, front and back planes for ground. And you are right, I missed the data in trace for the strips (it was an afterthought) easy enough to jump it from the SMD pad.

      Just was that the boards shipped! Can’t wait to assemble them!

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      if it possibble to to sequencer chord arpeggetior conroller and other leetsynth pcb version to publish

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