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      I am wondering if the ESP32-S2 might be a good candidate for a 32bit rebase of this project. It has USB HID support including MIDI.

      Is this worthwhile to start exploring? I don’t have any S2’s on hand but it there is momentum behind this I’d order a few and start playing around with it.

      I just found the project and am super excited about it. I had been looking into diy synths and found everything to be very far afield from my skillset and experience. Microcontrollers, on the other hand are very familiar and comfortable. looking forward to getting my Pro Micros and building one out.

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      Johan von Konow

      The ESP32 is certainly an interesting (and powerful) platform, and I considered using ESP32 in the beginning, especially for the possible MIDI over Bluetooth. The reason I went for the pro micro was mainly cost, size and that it has enough I/Os and performance.

      However, the S2 has a lot of interesting features for future devices:

      ·        USB host capabilities

      ·        Lots of performance (ram, flash and cpu)

      ·        I2S & 2x DACs

      ·        WiFi (configuration over html)

      I see no disadvantage to rebase the code, but for a simple keyboard, I see no real benefit either ;)

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