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      Johan von Konow

      I created this topic for discussion about improvements, new features of the sequencer and implementation.

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      Johan von Konow

      Here is a first list of features that would be nice to have in the future:

      • Improved UI (LED key feedback on top row)
      • MIDI tick editing
      • Real time recording with quantization
      • MIDI clock support
      • Error handling using the LED matrix?

      There are UI challenges to implement MIDI tick editing (adjust timeing and pitch of individual notes within a position). Same for selecting real time recording or step recording.

      Any suggestions are welcome!

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      I think a CV out for eurorack would make this even more amazing. Equivalent close to a beat step


      keep up the awesome projects

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      Johan von Konow


      CV out might be tricky, depending on your needs. The Arduino can only provide 0-5V so anything above that requires some sort of amplification and external power or DC/DC conversion. It can definitely be done, but for eight channels it becomes rather complex. For high quality signals external D/As are preferred, but for basic needs PWM would work with some filtering. The good thing with PWM is that you can amplify the voltage using a single transistor before the filtering, the bad thing is that modulation frequency (500Hz) harmonics will pollute the CV, affect response time, limited resolution (8bit) and possibly linearity…

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      Johan von Konow

      I have continued to experiment with Eurorack modules and have ideas about creating a MIDI host to CV/ trig converter module. My plan is to use a SEED Xiao as midi host / main CPU, together with 2x 12 bit i2c dacs and a OP amp stage to expand the CV voltage. That would give you two channels to start with, it would be quite easy to add more, but I guess that most Eurorack builds will focus on a few synthesis at a time anyway…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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