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      Johan von Konow


      I created this forum to allow users to share photos of their LEET devices.

      Simply reply and add an image from the top-menu.


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      First of my LEET builds. Thanks for sharing this cool project.

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      To start first of all thanks for sharing this project.

      Unfortunatly my first print was a Fail (see below). Luckly a sting did stop on of the fan’s stopping the print and saving me from a blob on my hotend.

      First Fail

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      But after lowering the nozzle (Z hight) just a little and slowing down the print to 75% we had succes :) . The smaller parts between the buttons were hard to stick to the printbed.


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      But love the end result. Sliced in prusa slicer alpha 2.3.0 with a “monotonic” infill on top. Pro micro’s are ordered so hope they arive soon. Started a new print this morning with a other collor on a smooth PEI sheet instead of the textured one. Lowered the speed a little bit more to 66%.


      Thanks again for sharing this project on the internet.

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        In addition to the 2.3.0 alpha’s monotonic infill, try enabling “ironing”.  Only the top-most layer is really necessary.  Orange is monotonic-without, blue and pink are monotonic and ironed on the top-most layer.


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      Johan von Konow

      I’m glad to see that the end result was great (even if the start was not optimal).
      The other day I remodelled the parts to avoid the small part in the middle after great feedback from the forum, if you have more parts to print – test the new models.

      The monotonic infill is something i have to test!

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      The first one came out pretty well considering first run through assembling it. This was a harder build than I expected going into it. Still doable in a few hours but definitely on the more intermediate (maybe advanced?) side of printing and assembly. Running the wire into the paths was tough to start but I got the hang of it by the end. I have another keyboard printed that I expect will go quicker.

      Finished it pretty late and confirmed the switches work with debugging but it looks like I may have broken one of the LED strip solder joints as the LEDs are not lighting. Should be able to fix that tonight and then give it a run.

      Also, don’t make the mistake I made and print with clear filament. It made it very hard to see the switch pins to solder them.

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        Johan von Konow

        I like the semi translucent material and think it will look great (once the LEDs are working.)

        It is quite easy to test the connections with a contingency tester (voltmeter) and measure between micro-controller and the three connections on the right at the lower led strip. (assuming that the right firmware is uploaded).

        Good luck!

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          Finally got back to find the connection issue and it was actually one of the wire solder spots. The non-colored translucent filament made it hard to tell were there was solder or melted plastic lol. LEDs are all good now.

          Now I just need to figure out how to setup MIDI in Albeton.

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      Johan von Konow

      Great to see that it works even with the slightly thicker cat.5 cable. Well done!

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      Hi All!

      Yohan thank a lot for sharing such awesome project!

      Here is my build of the LEET KB.
      Printing went okay with some little problems but nothing too serious. Work on the 1st attempt.
      I made a mistake by soldering the Arduino the usual way with pins an all and then realised that I should have go throught the Arduino with the wires. But at that time it was too late, the wires were already cut and too short…

      The wiring is made with Cat.5 Ethernet cable wich was stripped.

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      Great project started building yesterday fully intend to build the whole set :)

      Lessons learned:

      • yellow is a terrible colour for soldering
      • triple check the LED wires before sticking on the top row on mine needs looking at currently
      • if desperate heat up the wire a bit and it’ll melt into the side of the routing channel – looks bad but you won’t need to de-solder at the arduino end
      • it looks amazing


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