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      This isn’t really an issue with the project but I figured I should call it out somewhere – there are WS2182 strips that do not have pads on the bottom, and this makes them incompatible with designs that have connections in the middle of an LED row like the Pad.

      This isn’t a big deal on other designs like the Keyboard where you connect at the ends of the row – you can just cut the tape a bit short and fold the wires under a little bit.

      Here is the strip I ordered that doesn’t have bottom pads, for reference. Just something to watch out for when purchasing supplies to make these.

      Anyway, thank you very much for creating this project and I look forward to completing my builds.

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      Johan von Konow

      Ouch, good to know (I have quite a few versions, but all with pads on both sides).

      Thanks for informing. Will try to avoid pads in the middle in the future.

      Is it possible to drill a small hole? (guessing they are single sided to save money…)

      The LEDs are offset 0.5mm in the versions I have. The later designs compensate for this, but i suspect that the distance could vary on other models…

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        What’s the recommended way to access the bottom pad through the adhesive?  X-acto knife to gently remove the adhesive and expose the pad?  Use a solvent like goof-off or acetone on a q-tip?

        (My apologies if this is covered in the construction notes…  I’m not quite there yet.)

        And I’m going to use WS2812’s, not WS2182’s.  ;-)

        Thanks, Chris

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          Johan von Konow

          I use to fold the protective liner and score the adhesive underneath gently with a knife (without cutting of the copper traces). Then remove the adhesive over the pads, before soldering.
          Another way is to remove all adhesive and use a stronger one to keep the FPC in place.

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      Yeah “drilling” through the strip would probably work!

      I just ordered another strip for the Pad and I’ll use these for a couple Keyboard modules.

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