8 PIC programming adapters


Several programming adapters for PIC microprocessors


  • PICKIT compatible pin spacing
  • Easy to build (even at home – single sided PCB)
  • Several versions to support different microprocessors
  • Both through hole and SMD versions
  • Perfect for breadboard, quick hacks or miniature builds


Since not all PIC microprocessors are ICSP pin compatible I needed an adaptor to be able to program different processors. I started with one adaptor for each chip, but did another version with all chips available on one PBC. For the through hole versions I recommend using IC sockets to quickly change chips. For the SMD versions, it is actually possible to just press the chips in place during programming (make sure you have enabled verify option). To be extra sure the five programming pins can be soldered in place during programming and removed afterwards, but this is of course more time consuming. Today I add an ICSP connector on every PCB, but for quick hacks, breadboard and miniature builds I solder wires directly to the chip and then this adapter works great.

The adapter supports for example PIC 12F629, 16F628, PIC 16C/F84 & PIC 16F676.

Pin configuration:

All circuits with the following pin configuration can be used with this adapter.

Signal 8 pin 14 pin 16 pin
VPP 4 4 4
VCC/ VDD 1 1 14
GND/ VSS 8 14 5
DATA 7 13 13
CLK 6 12 12


Dimensions [mm]: 36.8 x 28.6 for the through hole multi version

Version tracker

0.1                       First version (through hole)
0.2                       Added SMD versions
0.3                       Added SMD and through hole combo
0.4                       Added all in one PCB
Future                 No updates planned…


Rhino project file (2D lines)
2D export (.svg)

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