Low cost Light box


A foldable light box from a laundry basket and halogen work light


  • Low cost
  • Easy to build
  • Easy to store (foldable)
  • Uses halogen work light and foldable laundry bag


I needed to take some nice photos for this site and looked for a light box. Instead of buying one I built one from materials I had at home. The box itself is a foldable laundry bag. The problem with it is that the fabric mesh casts shadows on the object to be photographed. Instead of replacing the mesh, I simply covered it with a piece of white fabric. The fabric diffuses the light and the end result is good enough for my needs. Inside the laundry bag I placed 2 A3 papers as a floor. This makes it easy to swap between a white background and different colors. You can easily find papers in almost any color. For light I used two 150W halogen work lights with miniature stand (for right and left light) and one 500W halogen light with a tripod base (as top light). The spectrum of a halogen light is not perfectly distributed, but by using custom white balance the camera can compensate for this. Just take a picture of a white surface inside the light box and use that image as reference for the white balance. I added three radio controlled switches for the halogen lights allowing me to quickly turn the lights on and off.

Low cost 150W halogen work light (<15$)


Dimensions [mm]: 50 x 35.6

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      1. Wow, the image looks great!
        I’m glad you could use the idea, sunlight is even better light then halogen (better spectrum and cheaper ;)
        I have seen people using portable mirrors to control light from more directions, could work if you need to play with contrast or lighten up a shadow…


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